Research is the foundation of everything we do. As your business changes, so do the ways of measuring success. But what doesn’t change is our commitment to solid research principles.

  • Are the data valid and trustworthy?
  • Do the data gathering procedures limit how the data can be used?
  • In light of the methods used, how strongly can conclusions and recommendations be stated?

These types of questions are the foundation of our approach to analysis, whether we’re using the “latest thing” in analytics or long-established standards.

We offer a range of service solutions

Research Development and Management

What do your customers say? We develop and implement customer satisfaction studies to help you learn and monitor what your customers and potential customers are saying. The research findings along or along with integrated online and offline data provide insight into customer retention and business performance. Other research services include:

  • Develop research plans and facilitate focus groups
  • Provide comprehensive management of research projects
  • Brand studies to monitor brand health and positioning

Online Analytics and Reporting

How does your website measure up? We integrate internal and third-party data into our analyses to help you understand your customers’ online experience. Our analysis focuses on the type of website content whether it be informational to transactional, and what is the desired customer engagement with the online content. This unique view of website content allows you to quickly identify content types that perform well, and what content should be modified. Other online analytic services include:

  • Website audits for tag management and implementation of tracking
  • Navigation and usability audits

Measurement partners include Webtrends, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and more.

Campaign Development and Measurement Effectiveness

What does your campaign look like and what defines success? The ability to measure the success of a campaign is an important feedback loop to demonstrate the value of the marketing investments. We help you identify what are the important components to measure, and then design plans to track these activities across mixed-media. An established report cadence for key campaign measures help identify actionable insights to maximize campaign efficiencies. Other campaign services include:

  • Social media planning and scheduling
  • Online advertising buys

Competitive Analysis and Positioning

How do you compare to your competitors? What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors? Knowing how you compare against your competitors enables you to develop a better strategy to position your business, find new opportunities as well as mitigate risk to your business. Other position services include:

  • Brand positioning studies
  • Benchmarking studies