It’s our selection of interesting news headlines related to marketing, data visualization, privacy, architecture, as well as tools or other topics that are of interest to us.


Marketing Land provides a good summary of Google’s new policy on interstitial ads. Interstitial ads are the ad overlays that hide mobile web page when a user comes to the site from external search. Google will not consider these sites ‘mobile friendly’ and depreciate the site’s ranking in Google search.

Data Visualization

Linda Hofschire, an analyst at Library Research Service at Colorado State Library, provided 4 tips for effective infographic visualizations.

IA and UX

With the burgeoning of Internet of Things (IoT) data, there is ongoing discussion on who owns the data—the customer or the company. While this gets all sorted out (and it may take years), a key-take away is “A lot of problems can be avoided if suppliers get the information architecture right initially.”


The latest from the Pew Research Center on Americans’ view of privacy and information sharing. “These findings suggest that the phrase that best captures Americans’ views on the choice between privacy vs. disclosure of personal information is, “It depends.”

Tools / Products / Services

If running TV ads, check out This month, they announced technology enhancements that will allow them to identify a TV ad impression regardless of the platform or service provider of the viewer.