It’s our selection of interesting news headlines related to marketing, data visualization, privacy, architecture, as well as tools or other topics that are of interest to us.


Knowledge@ Wharton spotlights how Netflix uses data to influence what you watch, and still keep focused on their core business.

Eaon Pritchard makes an argument that we are obsessed with adtech and data-driven advertising that doesn’t help brands, publishers, or consumer, and is doing more harm than good. Instead the focus should be on signal-driven strategies through premium advertising, premium content and premium native.

Data Visualization

All data visuals don’t have to be online, but can be interactive. Some real-world examples that make you think. In the theme of 9s, Visual News featured 9 infographics that provided insights into our world.

IA and UX

Nielsen Norman Group provides 5 good reasons to avoid audience based navigation as it creates cognitive strain to the user.


A five-part video series by The Guardian on privacy that covers both the consumer as well as business. For companies, once the information is available online it is very difficult to take back control. What review or safe-guards does your company have for information published online?

Tools / Products / Services

When designing websites, don’t forget the visually impaired users. There are specific design requirements that enhance visually impaired users. Do you test your website for accessibility needs? If not, check out the list of 10 free screen readers and test your site.